Need to drain a radiator?

You’ve just found a tool you’ll fall in love with!

5 out of 5
Not a spot anywhere….
“What a fantastic kit. My son and I drained two radiators in a home he rents out. Quick and very easy. One happy tenant.”

5 out of 5
Just the job
“This is a marvelous piece of kit. Saves hours of messy work & does a great job in minutes.”

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So, you need to drain a radiator, or worse still, replace one. Never a simple task! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional plumber, seasoned pro, or complete novice, the job doesn’t get any easier. The problem is that it’s messy and often leads to no end of damage; plus it takes a lot of time. You can’t even walk away when you’ve got to the draining stage because you need to make sure you don’t flood the place. It’s a complete pain in the proverbial and up until now, there’s been no easy solution.

We invented it because we needed it

We’ve worked in the heating and plumbing industry for over 10 years and developed the RapidRaDrain because we couldn’t believe something like this didn’t exist. Draining radiators, changing valves and dealing with all the hassle was the bane of our lives. We soon realised everyone else would be experiencing the same problems. You can now make this annoying, back-breaking and time consuming job as easy as changing a washer.

For professional plumbers, heating professionals & DIYers

This tool is for anyone who needs to drain or change a radiator or simply replace a valve. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to be a professional plumber, but if you are, you’ll find there are numerous, additional benefits.

  • Drain a radiator or valve in rocket-fast time
  • No fuss, mess or ruined carpets
  • No more wasted time
  • Drains in 10 minutes
  • Pocket-sized tool
  • Sturdy & robust build
  • Ridiculously easy to use

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